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    Auto Detailing Bronx

    Looking to have your vehicle detailed for a great price and have it look brand new? BMJ offers extraordinary car detailing Bronx options for you no matter the make or model of your vehicle. We work on all cars foreign and domestic and specialize in auto detailing.

    Aside from the regular car wash service, when did you last take your ride for detailing? Auto detail is hands down the number one way you can have the feeling like your car is brand new; and this can last for years, with the proper upkeep and right detailing company working on the vehicle. The best thing you can do to rejuvenate your car is to take it to the professional vehicle detailing experts in the Bronx. Our number one focus here is to ensure that your car looks like it just came out of the dealership looking brand new!.

    BMJ Auto Body Shop in the bronx pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every single customer that chooses us! Every car that we work on is worked on by an expert that treats every car like his own.

    Here is our information below. Reach out to us to set up your free estimate so we can walk you through all the options we can provide for you and learn more about you can have your car detailed with us.

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    Complete Auto Detail Bronx

    When last did you have your car interior thoroughly and spotlessly cleaned? You should seek car detailing services once in a while to retain your car in good shape. You might realize that your car has lost its original spark despite regularly being at the car wash. You might assume that the regular car wash service addresses all issues in your car’s interior. Well, regular car washing is not as thorough when it comes to cleaning the interior. This is why you will require professional car detailing for extensive, thorough, and spotless interior cleaning. BMJ Body shop bronx company has invested heavily in the most effective equipment to facilitate intense interior cleaning. We apply different techniques, including steam-cleaning and vacuuming, among others.

    Did you know that a dirty interior can result in a bad odor in your car? This is why we advise you to take a proactive approach and prevent this unfortunate scenario from occurring. With the professional auto detailing bronx team from, we ensure that even the furthest parts of the car interior are reached effectively. The process entails vacuuming, leather trimming, brushing, wiping, and perfuming. You can be assured that your interior will be sparkling clean and with a pleasant smell once you consider our car detailing service.

    We believe that for effective car interior detailing to be achieved, standard procedures must be followed. This requires experts who understand how to handle each part of the car interior. For instance, cleaning the car seats requires that you consider the material used in making them before choosing the appropriate cleaning agent. 

    Similarly, floor mats, the dashboard, and the truck require a definitive procedure to ensure that each one of them is thoroughly cleaned. Our staff is extremely skilled with a strong focus on maximizing performance that understand how each part of your car interior should be handled.

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    Full Exterior Car Detailing Bronx

    Your car exterior faces the highest exposure, which can be detrimental to the overall appearance. Most people consider regular washing as adequate enough to maintain the car exterior. While cleaning has an important role to play, exterior car detailing is highly recommended.

    Choosing an auto detail bronx that is dedicated to offering the most reliable and effective exterior car detailing service. We believe in offering a thorough service to the extent of making your car as good as new.

    Imagine how it would feel to drive around in a sparkling clean car looking as good as new on a monthly basis when you choose us.

    Our exterior car detailing utilizes high-quality polishes and degreasers. The idea here is to eliminate any stain on your car’s surface in the most effective way. Polishes, degreasers and waxing are performed on the vehicles to restore the car’s shine as long as possible.

    The best car detail bronx has to offer promises thorough and effective full exterior car detailing services at any time.

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    Why Choose BMJ Car Detailing Bronx

    Our mission is to bring the vision you have for your vehicle to reality! Among the BMJ core defining traits include;

    • High degree of professionalism

    • A team of highly seasoned and experienced car detailers

    • Friendly and welcoming customer support

    • The cheapest car detailing services in Bronx, NY

    • High degree of versatility in auto service delivery

    • High-quality services at all times

    We are fully committed to ensuring that you get services beyond your expectations. If you are looking for the best car repair in the Bronx, then BMJ is the shop for you. We have a proven track record for offering impeccable and reliable services.

    Give us a phone call during our Monday-Friday business hours or simply stop by the shop at 3446 Rombouts Ave Bronx, NY 10475 to speak with our team and get started with your detailing.