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    Bronx Window Tinting

    BMJ offers window tinting in the Bronx that can accommodate any request or specific detail you are looking for to tint your windows for a great price.

    A car with tinted windows makes a better appeal in terms of appearance. If you are looking for the best company to offer window tinting Bronx, BMJ should be at the top of the list of options to choose from in the local area. We are a full service auto repair shop that has the capacity to handle all of your automotive needs offering the best window tint service. amongst car detailing, car wrapping and collision repair in the bronx.


    Whether you intend to enhance your car’s look, increase security, or reduce the impacts of ultraviolet rays in the car, window tints are the real deal. BMJ is the only Auto company in Bronx, NY, that can offer you unmatched window tinting services. We are indeed the best in what we do.

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    Window Tints In The Bronx, NY

    Our greatest pursuit is to ensure that you get the best quality when you choose us for your car window tints services.

    BMJ Auto Collision offers unmatched services fully backed with quality. We believe that quality is the overall element that determines how well the intended purpose is served.

    What are some of the benefits of having your car tinted?

    Protection from sun rays, car decoration, security, and privacy. Our mission here at BMJ Auto Collision shop is to ensure that all the aforementioned purposes and others are served maximally. That is why we capitalize on the best quality car tinting services.


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    Our Friendly Charge Suits Everyone

    If you are looking for affordable prices on window tinting you should first consider BMJ Auto Collision. We boldly confirm that we are the only window tinting bronx company locally that provide low prices like ours. We understand that your budget might be stringent due to some other commitments. We also understand that most people have the perception that car window tinting is an expensive adventure, perhaps based on their previous experiences. 

    To get started with us, you can reach out by phone call or text during business hours Monday thru Friday or simply visit us at the shop on 3446 Rombouts Ave, Bronx, NY, 10475!

    It is important to note that our charges are based on the type of tint, the size and number of windows to name a few. We will always ensure that you have top-quality tinting services at the best prices throughout the Bronx, NY and surrounding areas.

    The Types Of Window Tints Available At BMJ Auto Collision

    The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of tinting your car is the type of car tint you should choose. We fully acknowledge that customers have different preferences and tastes when it comes to choosing window tints for their cars. This is why we have specialized in offering different types of car tints. Consult with our team if you would like to explore the different options you have available to you for your car here at BMJ Auto Collision.

    We go the extra mile to offer professional advice, particularly on which tint is most appropriate for a specific situation. Be sure to take advantage of our professionals and gather the necessary knowledge before selecting. Among the car tint types you can get at BMJ Auto Collision company include;

    • Dyed Tint

    This type of car window tint comprises several layers of dyed film. In this case, you can choose the tint density by making the respective adjustments. The best thing about dyed tint is that it works ideally in limiting the sun rays penetrating through. Thick dyed tints are the most effective in limiting the entry of sun rays into the car. Aside from the sun rays, dyed tint is considered an ideal option for heat absorption. This means that you will easily regulate temperatures in the car and keep it perfectly in check. Dyed tints are the commonest and the most affordable.

    • Metalized Tint

    As the name suggests, this is the type of car window tint that contains some metallic particles. Metalized tints work by reflecting sun rays instead of absorbing them. The role of the microparticles of metal is to keep the tint strong while assisting in reflecting sun rays away. It is also notable that the metal particles generate shiny reflections, a decorative element. Our team at BMJ Auto Collision company can assist in installing metalized tints to precision.

    • Hybrid

    This type of tint combines dye and metal to make a strong tint. Several layers of metal and dye are involved. Notably, the hybrid version of car tints is strong and highly effective in absorbing heat and sun rays. Note that the presence of metal particles also assists in the reflection of sun rays which is ideal for keeping the car interior temperatures low. Our team is amply experienced to provide you with the best hybrid car tint installation at any time.

    • Carbon Tint

    You should consider carbon tint if you are looking for a car tint that will serve for a long time without fading. This is the type of car tint made of carbon fiber particles. In essence, the effectiveness of carbon tint in terms of heat and sun rays’ absorption is higher than that of hybrid and dyed tints. Notably, carbon tints also have the best insulating features, making them a better option. It has the capacity to reduce heat by 40%, which is highly effective.

    • Ceramic Tint

    The most outstanding element about ceramic tints is that they block 99% of ultraviolet rays. This makes them the most effective. Aside from that, ceramic tints have insulating features, which regulate the amount of heat within the car. Most importantly, ceramic tints are best shatter-proof for car windows. This implies that external impact is significantly reduced through the ceramic tint, hence reducing the chances of a window shattering.

    Window Tints Bronx NY

    Each member of our team has been trained at a very high level and has the experience, attention to detail and commitment to fulfill any window tint request we receive.

    Considering the many years that we have been in operation, our team is amply experienced and highly exposed to applying car window tints tints with maximum precision. We take no chances when handling our clients’ cars.

    That is why we stick to our cardinal rule of hiring competent employees with a great attitude only. You can drive to BMJ Car Window Tinting Bronx NY with the full confidence that we have all it takes to apply window tints professionally, articulately, and with maximum precision.

    BMJ Is The Best Bronx Window Tinting Company In New York City

    We have done thousands of window tints for our people here in the Bronx, NY. We at BMJ takes pride in ensuring maximum satisfaction for all. We have a great track record in offering window tinting services, which is why we strongly encourage you to be next and seek our services. Every client deserves the best service, so you should not settle for less. Only BMJ Window Tint Bronx will offer the service that you desire for your car and for the overall positive experience! Give us a call or visit us to schedule your window tinting appointment!