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    Tow Trucks In The Bronx

    Some of the services that we offer as part of our comprehensive roadside assistance services are:

    • All Types Of Vehicle Towing
    • Jump Starts
    • Car Lockout Services
    • Gas Delivery
    • Flat Fixes
    • Local Towing
    • Long Distance Towing

    Are you looking for the best towing & recovery service in the bronx? BMJ Auto Collision specializes in fast, affordable and professional towing.

    Whether you are in need of simple roadside assistance or got into a collision and need a towing service that can tow your car to the nearest body shop bronx, BMJ is the go-to company to count on.

    Here are among the elements that make us the best in providing the best local towing & recovery service:

    We offer you with flatbed tow trucks that will be compatible no matter the vehicle you have which will ensure safety from point A to point B.

    We have always invested in the best towing trucks, equipment and staff to ensure that you are received the best service in the local area; whether you need a local tow or a long distance tow. Today, we can boldly confirm to any client that our company can provide the best towing & recovery services for any car type, irrespective of size, model, weight, and other specifications.

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    Highly Competent & Professional Staff


    One of the most significant elements that make BMJ the best towing & recovery service is the team of experts who operate our towing machinery. We believe that your car must be handled with utmost care to avoid any extended damage. We also believe that professionalism is what you need in handling your vehicle. This is why the most qualified drivers and experts operate our towing fleet.

    They work collectively to ensure your car is taken to its destination without any issues. Having been in operation for long, BMJ has always capitalized on hiring the most competent and seasoned drivers and support experts.

    Our hiring criterion is purely based on how skilled and experienced the candidates are. Only experienced drivers and towing experts can meet your needs maximally. We also believe in delivering unmatched services to all clients. All our drivers and towing experts have a vast knowledge of operating towing trucks and other equipment. You can rest assured that BMJ bronx collision auto body service will handle your car professionally at any time, courtesy of our indisputably competent and experienced operators.

    We fully acknowledge that today’s world operates in a 24-hour economy, which means you can undertake regular operations at any time of the day or night. Imagine a situation where your car breaks down in the wee hours of the night. Such cases are familiar to us. After all, the mechanical nature of a car makes it vulnerable to unforeseen breakdowns.  We, therefore, resolved to offer the best Towing & Recovery services around-the-clock, always there for our people when they need us most.

    We have invested in building a friendly customer support system, which undertakes the mandate of answering our clients at any time. A simple call to our company will guarantee you professional towing & recovery services that surpass your expectations. Our team will inquire about the specific details of your case to facilitate easy, convenient, and reliable towing & recovery service. We stand as the most competent and trusted 24-hour towing company.

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    Reasonable Prices


    At BMJ Towing & Recovery, we understand that some occurrences are unforeseen, and you could be caught off guard, especially in terms of costs. This is why we have worked towards neutralizing the perception that towing & recovery services are expensive. It is our obligation to meet your needs entirely hence our friendliness in terms of charges, which is why we quote flat rates over the phone so that we are all on the same page about price before we start the service.

    Simply contact our support team and share the details requested. Our team will fairly evaluate your case and generate cheap towing & recovery quotes. Considering the varying magnitude in terms of breakdowns, load, and other aspects, our team will embark on the necessary evaluation to determine the amount you should pay. The bottom line is that BMJ will always be in the lead in offering the most reasonable, lenient, and cheap towing & recovery services and we can guide you to the best auto body shops bronx ny. We fully resonate with your budget to offer the service you require.

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    Other Support Services

    We believe that there are many issues you could face on the road when using your car. This is why we deemed it necessary to offer support services as a complement to our professional car towing & recovery.  Our diversification of towing & recovery services has worked positively in complementing the experiences of all our clients. Among the support services that make us the best auto body shop Bronx include;

    • Jump starts

    • Car lockout services

    • Flat fixes

    • Wheel repair Bronx

    • Car storage Bronx

    • Gas delivery

    • Local towing

    • Long-distance towing

    We are fully at your service to ensure that your car gets back on track by offering the most reliable towing & recovery services. We are just a phone call away. Contact BMJ Auto Collision for 24-hour towing & recovery service anywhere in Bronx, NY.

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