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    Frame & Chassis Straightening

    BMJ Auto Collision is your body shop in the bronx that specializes in frame and chassis straightening. 

    After an accident, your car may suffer damage that is not apparent. The most notorious kind of invisible damage to a vehicle is car frame or chassis damage, better known as structural damage. 

    It also absorbs the force of an impact of swerving, thus protecting you and your passengers. When a car is struck during an accident or collision, some if it’s sections and components can get damaged. This kind of damage can subsequently bend or smash your vehicle’s chassis.

    If you are looking to work with the best for reasonable rates then we recommend you reach out to us by utilizing one of the click to call buttons below.

    We accept all major insurances and go above and beyond to get your chassis repaired within a timely manner so you can get your car back ready to go!

    Signs You Might Need Chassis Repair From A Bronx Body Shop

    While it is possible to drive a car where the chassis is bent, it is incredibly risky. Damage to a car’s frame is extremely dangerous as your car is not obtaining the support it requires to function optimally. This can lead to costly and life-threatening malfunctions while driving, which is the last thing you want. The good news is, the BMJ collision repair team will take care of this and repair the chassis for you in a timely manner. Your car frame will be straightened using the right equipment by certified technicians at our shop. 

    Our team will quickly assess your vehicle to determine the areas that need fixing and correct them using industry-standard methods. Should your car require replacement parts, we have access to original products that should match your car’s needs. We use equipment such as anchoring and bundling racks and hydraulic machines to straighten bent car frames and correct bent or split metal in the chassis. This machinery uses immense pressure to push your car’s frame back to its factory design.

    bmj auto collision the best body shop and collision repair in the bronx

    Choose BMJ Auto Collision Repair

    Your vehicle’s chassis is responsible for its strength and stability, which is why any issues with it should be taken seriously.

    Our mechanics at BMJ Auto Collision possess the expertise, tools, and equipment needed to fix a bent frame and get your vehicle back to excellent working order.

    Reduce the risk posed to you and your family by getting any concerns addressed by an auto collision expert, especially those listed above.

    If you are in the Bronx and are looking for local frame straightening services, call BMJ Auto Collision today for a free quote and to learn more about this kind of repair.

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