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    Auto Body Painting & Color Matching In The Bronx

    BMJ Auto Collision is the best bronx auto body repair company that specializes in car painting and color matching. 

    It’s a time-consuming process and needs a lot of experience and a keen eye to distinguish distinct variations in color. 

    If you would like to experience the difference in what sets BMJ above the rest of the competition, please give us a phone call during business hours Monday-Friday or simply walk-in at 3446 Rombouts Ave Bronx, NY 10475.

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    The BMJ Color Painting & Matching Difference

    There are many paint shades on the market to select from when custom detailing your car or purchasing a new vehicle. But what about if you got a little scratch or a ding on your car? Whether your paint is chipping or you need to repaint a vehicle panel, you can match your paint color to a bottle of touchup paint. However, the colors might be challenging if your car is older. 

    Car painting and color matching is one of the top services we offer at BMJ Auto Collision.

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    How To Know The Colors To Use When Painting Your Vehicle


    Specialists use different techniques to match colors, starting with the paint color code from the manufacturer, which is usually inside the door jamb. This color code correctly matches the paint should you ever need a repair. 

    What if I can’t find the paint color code inside the door jamb? Sometimes, you won’t find it here. The position where your car’s paint color code will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    Other places, other than the driver’s side door jab, where you can find the paint color code are:

    • Center console

    • Trunk lid

    • Spare tire wheel well

    • On the radiator

    • With the VIN

    • Under the driver’s seat

    • Drivers side sun visor

    In most cases, you’ll also find the color code in your vehicle’s service history or the Owner’s Manual.

    If that’s not enough, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and choose your car’s year and model. After that, try narrowing down your color options.

    We can simplify the process for you if you need. With state-of-the-art machinery and a professional team with a wealth of experience, we can color-match your car to Tekaloid, BS, and RAL paint color codes. Our color-matching competence continues beyond there, though. We can also custom color match a sample. 

    We have access to over 100,000 car color formulations. All we need is the correct color code number, and you can usually get the paint you need.

    We use precise color-matching technology to ensure that the color-matched touchup paint you order is the exact shade for your car. Even if the accurate automotive paint for your vehicle’s color isn’t listed, we can custom-mix the best paint for you.

    Get It Done Once & Done Right


    If the bodywork is not done correctly, the mismatched paint will look much worse than the original accident. The repair shop’s job is to ensure your car looks as great as new, which is where BMJ Auto Collision comes into play. A body shop precisely matches fresh paint to an original finish.

    While all car paints have color codes specific to the vehicle’s color, there are different tones and shades. Even primary colors have dozens of shades to choose from, and not to mention normal aging causes fading of the paint’s color, which is why color variations from the original paint are expected.  

    We encourage our customers to retrieve their paint codes and other information that could determine how your car was originally finished, and BMJ will do the rest.

    Automotive paint will look different depending on the light source and the angle from which it’s being viewed. For example, the color looks different in a shop than outside in the sunlight.

    Many other factors include the mixing volume, the painter’s angle, and the type of paint gun used.

    Once all these factors are accounted for, a computerized spectral analyzer scans your vehicle’s original and current finish to match the color exactly and correctly for fading over time. After ensuring a precise car paint match, BMJ comes up with the correct shade of paint.

    Get Your Car Painting & Color Matching Right the First Time

    Good car paint and color matching will not only make your car look beautiful, but it will also increase your car’s value. 

    When you turn to us for car paint repairs and color matching, your goal is to get your vehicle back in the best condition. Ideally, you want your vehicle to be as good as new. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your car painting and color-matching repairs are completed as precisely as possible. Whether you need a simple car paint chip repair or you have one big scratch to fix, you can trust our team of experts who ensure the car paint matches every time.