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    Car Insurance Claim & Support Specialists Bronx, NY

    Being in a car accident can be incredibly traumatic, and you will still have to make many crucial decisions minutes after it has happened. After you’ve suffered an accident or your car has been damaged in some other circumstances, you need to get your insurance company involved in handling the repairs. Often, this process is unclear, and handling your claims can take time. If you are in the Bronx and are looking for an easy way to handle this process, look no further than BMJ Auto Collision.

    Over time, our collision repair center has developed helpful relationships with dozens of insurance companies for our client’s benefit. Thanks to these relationships, you can be sure that your claims will be expedited so that less time will be taken to get critical repairs started. Our insurance adjusters have plenty of experience offering insurance claims support. You can count on our Bronx auto body repair mechanics for the right estimate for your vehicle to get adequately fixed. We can also assist in all the steps of your auto insurance to make things as convenient as possible: filing the paperwork, getting a rental car, and ensuring that the right procedures are followed.

    When you are looking for the best support and an overall stress free experience when dealing with your car insurance, BMJ is the expert on handling this for you.

    If you have an insurance claim or simply would like to consult on the best option moving forward for your situation, reach out to BMJ and we will take care of you.

    We Work To Protect Your Rights As A Consumer


    Insurance companies are usually in business, meaning their priority will be making money, not your interests. They may also look for ways to get your repairs done most cheaply. If you are not the driver at fault, you will find that the other driver’s insurance company will work in their best interests, not yours. Some of the challenges you may find yourself facing include the following:

    • Your insurance company or that of the at-fault driver convincing you to have your car’s repairs done at an auto body repair company of their choice

    • Cutting any corners to reduce costs

    • Pushing your file to the bottom of the pile for failing to agree to their terms

    • Your insurer may cooperate with the other driver’s insurer to pressure you into settling for an insufficient deal.

    You should avoid dealing with insurance companies by yourself, as things can get complicated quickly. When you engage our auto body shop Bronx, we will deliver a quote that meets your best interests, which should help you get your car back to its pre-accident state. As our client, your rights will come first throughout the process.

    Insurance Claims Management With An Auto Body Shop Is More Seamless

    It is bad enough that you have just endured an accident; you should not have to deal with the process of filing a claim as well. You may also not know where to start, and you deserve to get the most out of your insurance claim so that your car is restored to perfect working order.

    Our affordable insurance claims support services are meant to reduce the stress and hassles associated with managing one’s claims. Since we are also a Bronx auto body repair shop, we are better placed to provide the right estimate and handle additional issues such as diminished value claims and post-repair inspections.

    We Will Assist You With All The Services You Need To Get Back On Your Feet

    After an accident, your vehicle may need to be towed, and you can rely on us for reliable emergency towing services. Our 24-hour car storage service in the Bronx, NY, services should keep your vehicle safe as the insurance claim process is ongoing. You still have the right to choose the auto body repair shop that carries out the repairs on your vehicle, and we offer the best collision repair services in the Bronx. We also have access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that offer long-term service and keep your car in excellent working condition.

    Regardless of what happened during the accident, you have a right to a properly repaired vehicle. Filing claims with your insurer can be a massive headache, so handing over the task to a team of pros is the best way to go. BMJ Auto Collision most likely has connections with your insurer that will help hasten the whole process. We also quote estimates that are in our client’s best interests so your car gets quality repairs. Call us today for free estimates and more details regarding our insurance claim support services.